What we will do to ensure your safety?


Your safety and the wellbeing of our staff is our absolute priority at ALL DEEP CLEANING. That’s why we’ve put together a range of precautionary measures to ensure that everyone remains protected during this uncertain time.

Our team has been through an infection control training – COVID 19 provided by the VDH Virginia Department of Health. Good hygiene practice and general cleanliness is more important than ever right now. We will continue to provide our exceptional services to ensure that you can keep your home clean and sanitized.


We will ensure that your cleaner is fit and healthy. If any of our cleaners show any symptoms of flu or illness (or members of their family are showing symptoms), we will make sure that they stay away from work.

All cleaners have been thoroughly briefed and trained in hand sanitation. They will clean their hands with soap and wear disposable gloves while in your home.

All cleaning equipment brought into your home will be thoroughly disinfected before entry. Any equipment we use on-site will be thoroughly disinfected before and after use. Our cleaners will use industrial-grade cleaning wipes. They will dispose of them before leaving your home.

We are committed to providing thorough sanitation of your home for the safety of you, your family, and your pets. We will thoroughly sanitize all frequently touched surfaces with antibacterial disinfectants: that includes doorknobs, cupboard handles, light switches, drawer-fronts, and cabinet handles.


Please cancel your appointment if family members show signs of COVID-19-related illness (or have tested positive for COVID-19). We will not charge a cancellation fee in this case.

Please pause your service while you or your family members recover. We will reserve your regular slot for up to two months to give you time to convalesce if needed.

We have trained our staff in appropriate social distancing. Please respect this and maintain at least 6-foot distance. We understand that this may feel unusual, but it’s for everyone’s protection.

Please quarantine yourself for 14 days if you have returned from overseas travel, in line with the government’s advice.

Click here for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Click here for for the World Health Organization’s website.

We want to reassure you that ALL DEEP CLEANING is doing everything we possibly can to protect you and ourselves during this uncertain time.

We are here to help you maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in your home.
Please contact our team if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely,


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If you have an existing cleaning service or you need help at home, we are sure you have a few questions regarding COVID-19 and your health.

We have implemented contactless service principles with our crews to keep both you and our crews as safe as possible.

Regular Health Updates

Our small business really does feel like a family to us, and we’re doing everything we can to keep our crews healthy, supported and engaged in their work. We are staying across the news and health updates, and sending updates to crews about how they can protect their health and yours. These updates include recommended hygiene practices and the latest research.

We have never seen ourselves as just a cleaning business, because we understand that what we really do is help others. Whether that’s allowing you to regain family time or offering home help if you’re physically unable to clean, we will always be here to assist.

Advance Health Communication

Before services are due, be sure to communicate that you and your household are healthy and also give our crews the opportunity to do the same.

Contactless Appointments

Allows you to distance yourself in another room of your home, spend some time outside or leave the house to get supplies or walk the dog while our crews get to work cleaning and sanitizing your home.

Treating and disinfecting high-touch areas:

Particular focus on cleaning and hygienically sanitizing high-touch areas in the home such as:

✅  Door handles

✅  Light switches

✅  Sink & Tap fittings

✅  Bench tops

✅  Stair rails

✅  Intercoms

✅  TV & electric remote controls

✅  Appliance handles

✅  Window handles
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